5 Essential Vegan Travel Tips!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hallo, Zdravo welcome back to Rae Likes Froot!

If you aren't familiar with those languages... I just said Hello to you in German & Croatian

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Yes babes I have returned from my summer holidays to Berlin & Croatia and am finally back to the daily grind, bringing you some easy vegan travel tips to follow while you jet set off to far away places

(or Skegness, you do you)

I'll admit it's taken me a little while to get the hang of travelling as a vegan. And I know first had that experiencing a brand new country, culture and language is very daunting when you also have to think about how you are going to survive without your vegan comforts at home.

But never fear! Your friendly neighbourhood vegan is here to give you her top 5 vegan travel tips.

Genießen! (enjoy in German)

1- Learn foreign keywords

Out of all the tips I'm bringing you today I would say that this is my most valuable one and something that has helped me immensely while travelling, it's super simple and will cost you nothing!

Learning what milk, dairy, eggs, honey etc means in other languages is essential if you are planning on hitting up local supermarkets a lot during your trip. When Basil and I travel we prefer to rent apartments as opposed to stay in a hotel so we can really experience the city we are in and also cook our own food to save money.

Because of this we end up spending a lot of time in Supermarkets looking at ingredients. Now in some countries it will be pretty obvious to see what foods have dairy etc in. For example when I went to Barcelona I already knew that "leche" was milk and it was easy to spot on an ingredients list as it was usually written in bold as it is here in the UK (this is to specify it's an allergen) Whereas in Croatia "Jaja" means egg... which wasn't always listed in bold and almost caught me out a few times!

I like to make a list of translations in my phone so I am prepped when it comes to shopping in the supermarket or sifting through restaurant menus.

If you are travelling to a country that allows you to use your data for free, then you can easily google on the spot but having a saved list offline will really come in handy when your connection is bad.

2- Happy Cow

Your days of sifting through countless blogs & search pages on Google to find local vegan restaurants are over as soon as you start using Happy Cow!

Happy Cow is an online restaurant & store directory for Vegans & Veggies, and is honestly a LIFE SAVER when it comes to travelling around. Just enter a location (it works worldwide) and in a matter of seconds Happy Cow will show you every Vegan & Veggie restaurant & store in that area.

You can even filter it by "vegan friendly" in case you are with a couple of fussy meat eaters who refuse to check out an exclusively vegan spot with you!

As well as the desktop site, Happy Cow also offers an app, which you do have to pay for but for ease of access and the ability to save trips offline it's well worth the splurge in my opinion!

Visit Happy Cow here!

3- Pick your destination wisely

This may seem like a very obvious tip but as someone who has had to live off pasta and stir fry veggies for a week while on holiday due to bad planning... I really URGE that you research your destination and their vegan options before you book your plane tickets!

Every country is completely different in terms of what they have to offer for vegans, for example (and from my own previous experience) Rome, Italy is a very easy place to visit as a vegan. They have an abundance of vegan friendly eateries and pretty much every supermarket we visited had more than enough vegan options to tie us over for a whole week, It was a very easy place to be vegan in.

Whereas on my most recent trip to Split, Croatia I found it surprisingly difficult to find some real decent vegan food at a good price, which I am going to be talking about in more detail during an upcoming video on my YouTube channel (subscribe lol)

You don't want to be living off pasta and veggies on ya holidays...trust me!

So the moral of the story is really look into the place you want to visit, speak to locals and research not only if the destination has vegan options but if they are affordable too!

4 - Prep food for the airport

Having a well packed cabin bag is essential for any traveller, but for those who are vegan and not willing to spend their hard earned spending cash on overpriced salads & juices at the airport, preparing your own food at home before you head out is a valuable tip!

Even before I went vegan Basil and I would always make sandwiches and take crisps, fruit etc with us to save money. But since going vegan I've come to realise it's kind of essential that you are prepared in order to not starve while waiting for your flight!

Airport food is not only expensive but most airports seem to be very limited

in what they have to offer their vegan travellers.

I'll admit it's a little easier now to eat at an airport as a vegan than it was in say... 2015, (with the addition of Pret & some vegan options in WHSmith) but you still aren't spoilt for choice! So don't get caught out at the gate or on the plane! ALWAYS pack your own snacks to save money & yourself the hunger pains!

5- Rent an apartment

As I mentioned earlier when I travel I always prefer to stay in rented accommodation rather than a hotel room for a number of different reasons, but mostly because it gives me the freedom to be able to prepare my own food.

Unless you are staying somewhere vegan friendly it can be VERY difficult to get a decent vegan meal at any hotel, especially if you are all inclusive and your meals are catered for. From my personal experience all inclusive accommodation will offer very basic meals like pizza, pasta and burgers and the majority of the time these are not vegan friendly.

Now if you get lucky and happen to stay in a hotel where they have allergen information on display and the chefs are in view and available to talk then it could make life a lot easier for you and you can simply ask them if what they are offering is free from animal products.

But I find this all a little risky. I don't want to go on holiday and stay in a hotel "hoping" that they are going to be able to cater for me.

So I always pick the safe option and rent an apartment on Air BnB. If you don't want to shed out the cost of renting an entire apartment try apart-hotels or rooms with a kitchenette. Having any kind of space where you can prepare your own food will be a life saver while in a foreign country.

So there we have it! My 5 essential vegan travel tips.

I'm really intrigued to see what your vegan travel tips are so please drop them in the comments below.

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