A tour of my vegan kitchen during quarantine

Come and take a look inside my new vegan kitchen and what foods we currently have during the pandemic!

What's up babe! Wow, what a year 2020 has been... and it's only March!!

With everything that's going on, I want to keep things as lighthearted and positive as possible here at Rae Likes Froot. So this week I thought I'd do an updated vegan kitchen tour, seen as we recently moved into our new home and I can't exactly go out and do grocery hauls at the moment...

That being said I do hope that everyone reading this is well, and safe. Hopefully I can provide you entertaining content and a distraction during these dark and very uncertain times.

So in this video, you will see how a vegan kitchen is stocked.

With everything from tomato ketchup to Tempeh!

If there are any other specific videos you would like to see from me feel free to reach out and comment on here or drop me a DM over on Instagram (I'm always checking my DM's)

Stay safe, stay home and wash ya hands x