Meet the Clothing Brand Helping the Lives of Marine Mammals

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hey there friend, thank you for joining me!

Recently I've been all about promoting smaller brands here on my little blog / YouTube platform. I have been introduced to some pretty cool companies over the past few months but one thing that makes me so excited about a new brand is when they have a passion to give back!

Baiji is a new clothing brand with a mission to better the lives of marine wildlife and the homes they live in by donating 25% of their profits to organisations helping marine mammals! On November 5th Baiji released a stunning range of colourful tees along with handmade espadrilles, necklaces and a super cute Baiji dolphin tote bag!

I bet you're wondering, what does Baiji even mean?

The Baiji shop is named after the Baiji Dolphin. A species of freshwater Dolphin found in the Yangtze River, China.

This beautiful mammal declined rapidly in numbers from 6,000 in the 1950's to a mere 13 in 1997. At this point there are so little remaining Baiji dolphins left in the world that it is no longer possible to save the species.

The Baiji was declared 'functionally extinct' in 2006.

So Baiji asked me to help spread the word and I was so kindly sent one of the tees from their new collection! With blue being my favourite colour and winter looming over London, I decided to go for this super cute long sleeve vibrant tee.

Delivery was super fast, and the packaging ... no plastic of course! Every shirt is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, and if you order a pair of the handmade espadrilles you will receive them in a super cute Baiji tote bag!

Not gonna lie, I have not taken this shirt off since I received it! It's Made from 100% cotton so it's very soft, cosy and not too thick! (I like to layer up in the winter) plus the back makes a beautiful statement!

I would definitely recommend you checking out the new Baiji shop and trying these stylish tees for yourself, whilst helping out some super cool organisations, at the moment Baiji are supporting CORE sea (centre for Oceanic research and education) & Marine Conservation Philippines.

Baiji have also given me a discount code to share with you which will get you 10% off the entire site (plus they offer free International shipping, Wohoo!)

Use code

RAE10 for 10% off everything!


Thank you for reading, and I'll speak to you real soon!

Rae x