How long do LUSH Shampoo bars ACTUALLY last?!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Growing up with an older LUSH obsessed sister and being the younger jobless sister (jobless due to being literally 12) I remember I was so incredibly envious of the extensive, fragrant collection of shampoo bars, moisturisers and skincare products displayed on her side of the room. I would sometimes just stare at them and think "I can't wait to have my own money and buy a s*** ton of shampoo bars!"

So when I became a wage earning adult, living in London within walking distance to a LUSH store, guess what I did...

Walked in, looked at the price and walked my butt straight to Superdrug where I purchased a cheaper, plastic bottle brand shampoo and conditioner.

After years of throwing away plastic bottle after plastic bottle of cheap shampoo and conditioners, becoming vegan, deciding to do more for environment and reduce my plastic waste I went back to the LUSH store and purchased my first ever Shampoo bar!

(Seanick, if you're wondering)

But one question I always had when thinking about switching to a shampoo bar, and I'm sure you have also considered when doing then same is...

"How long do LUSH shampoo bars ACTUALLY last?!"

Today friend, I'll answer that for you with the below breakdown.

I have shoulder-length, thick hair.

I purchased my first LUSH shampoo bar back in mid August.

I wash my hair around 3 times a week

The shampoo bar started to break down towards the end of October

I can carry on using my broken bar until mid-November

A couple of things to bear in mind here... I have the old shampoo bar and can still wash my hair with it, it's just broken into pieces and for the first 2 weeks of using it I was on holiday,

a time when I tend to wash my hair more than average.

So that's 4 months using 1 shampoo bar from LUSH


Let's say the average bottle of shampoo is £2

I would buy 1 new bottle of shampoo every month

£2 x 4 = £8

1 shampoo bar at lush costs £7.50

Regular Shampoo for 4 months = £8

LUSH shampoo bar for 4 months = £7.50

So you definitely do save a little bit of money by switching to a LUSH shampoo bar (about 50p) if you are used to purchasing the cheaper brands of shampoo. If you tend to spend more than that you will be saving yourself a lot more money.

Also, If you were to buy the LUSH shampoo & conditioner 2 in 1 bar (Godiva) you can save even more money (and plastic) by not having to purchase a conditioner also.

It might seem like a larger up front cost, but in the long run your bank balance and the planet will thank you. It just makes sense to buy a shampoo bar rather than bottles upon bottles. I really think plastic free cosmetics are the future and plan on buying Godiva for as long as it's around! (please don't discontinue it, LUSH)

I plan on giving you a full review on my experience with the LUSH 2 in 1 bar very soon. So make sure you Subscribe to the blog & my channel to find out more!

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful and I'll speak to you soon

Rae x