I Tried To Shop Plastic Free At TESCO

The world has a plastic problem, and I am interested in reducing the amount of plastic that I use.

On my channel, I do a lot of grocery hauls. I love finding new vegan products in supermarkets and trying them out on camera but these hauls usually contain an awful lot of plastic as most food products and fresh produce tends to be covered in the stuff (even though sometimes it really doesn't need to be)

Now obviously I don't film every single time I go grocery shopping, and in my usual weekly shops I really do try to avoid plastic as much as I can.

Most people when they think of doing a plastic free shop, probably think they have to only shop in zero waste bulk stores, which is probably a great place to start but most people don't have access to zero waste stores... but pretty much everyone (in the UK anyway) as access to a TESCO.

Tesco is one supermarket that I visit a lot, and I wanted to see if it was possible for me to do a low waste / plastic free haul in my regular supermarket!

It was possible, but tricky and I was very limited with the amount of products I could choose from.

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*this video includes a paid promotion, but this blog post is not sponsored*