Small Vegan Business Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hey there, have you started thinking about your Christmas shopping yet?

of course you have. This year, why not check out these small, independent vegan businesses and support a hard working Individual this holiday season!

There was a saying I heard a while back that still sticks out in my mind with regards to buying from small businesses....

"When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.

You are helping a mum or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college."

If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube, you will know that I'm a fan of supporting smaller vegan stores. I actually did a whole video about it over on my channel. Click here to watch it after you read this, obvs!

And with Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would share some of my faves

that I think you will adore & hopefully support...

Happy Shopping!

The Punky Bunny

"Vegan inspired, handmade gifts, prints and cards."

Image from my Instagram

Punky Bunny is owned by a lovely woman called Emma who designs everything you see on the shop herself! You know, I'm quite fussy with the types of vegan prints and badges that I like to buy, but I just absolutely adore everything on The Punky Bunny.

The Punky Bunny prices are SO affordable but that's not all, she also offers free shipping within the UK, amazing! With such a great selection of prints, badges, gift boxes & even shirt's to choose from I'm positive you will find some awesome gifts here for your plant based pals!

(order by 18th Dec in time for Xmas!)

Shop The Punky Bunny Here

Follow them on Instagram Here


"A lifestyle magazine for the ethically minded"

Image from Brightzine Website

I'm sure MANY of you have heard of Brightzine or seen these beautiful Ethical Lifestyle Toolkits either online or at a Vegan event or two.

Mostly known for their Magazine, Toolkit (shown) and Vegan Queen clothing & bags I'd say they were one of the most popular Vegan clothing brands around! Brightzine are an ethical lifestyle magazine & online store. "Made and run by Vegans, for vegans, the vegan-curious and those interested in ethical living" - Brightzine Website

Brightzine has some SUPER cute items on their store that would make the perfect stocking filler or gift this Christmas! You could even get someone a yearly magazine subscription as a gift for only £25... erm BARGAIN!!

Shop Brightzine Here

Follow them on Instagram Here

Care Wears

"Vibrant, Ethical, Organic & Vegan Fashion"

Image taken from Care Wears Store

How could I not include Care Wears and their Gorgeous Barbie-vibes "Vegan Babe" hoodie, In my opinion, this hoodie is ICONIC! And there are so many other beautiful, fun garments on the store too.

I have followed Kasia & her journey growing from Kasia Ethical Wears to Care Wears over on Instagram. It's been incredible to watch her small business flourish over the past year and gain as much popularity as it has.

Kasia is the ultimate Girl Boss, she runs Care Wears alone & prints all of her shirts, hoodies & bags herself (which I love watching on her Instagram stories!) Everything on the site is Ethically Sourced, Organic and of course... Vegan.

You need to be fast if you wanna be a "Vegan Babe" though as these hoodies & sweaters

sell out quick!

Shop Care Wears Here

Follow them on Instagram Here

Little Doe

"Inspired by the British countryside, fauna & nostalgia."

Image taken from Little Doe Store

Little Doe is a beautiful online clothing & accessory store run and owned by one of my favourite Vegan YouTubers Kiera Rose.

Grown from her love of wildlife, Kiera has spent a long time designing and creating everything you see on Little Doe, she launched just a few months ago and after announcing the return of her store, she sold out FAST! What I love about Kiera's Apparel, Badges, Prints and Mugs everything is so personal and reflects her personality completely.

My favourite thing on her site is the "My Deer" tee (pictured) And for only £18 it would make a beautiful gift for any animal lover!

Shop Little Doe Here

Follow them on Instagram Here

Greener Habits Co.

"Vegan & Zero Waste Home Essentials"

Image taken from Greener Habits Co. Store

Last but most certainly, not least!

Greener Habits Co. are an online ethical store with a vision to change people's habits when it comes to buying home essentials that aren't very friendly to our environment.

The store is stocked full of just about every kitchen and bathroom essential you would need... just in #plasticfree form!

There are a lot of items on Greener Habits Co. that would make wonderful Christmas gifts, especially their safety razor kits that come complete with a retro looking safety razor, plastic free shaving cream and some extra blades all for only £26!

Shop Greener Habits Co. Here

Follow them on Instagram Here

That's all I have for now. If you like this post please don't forget to subscribe to the blog, share it with your friends and leave a comment down below, let me know if there are any other vegan businesses you would like to share and maybe I can make a second gift guide before Christmas!

Thanks for reading, and I'll speak to you soon

Rae x

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