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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

MORE Vegan Smoked Salmon?!

OMG she's back! ... well hey pals, sorry it's been so long since my last post (almost 3 months lol) but I'm back and today I'm bringing you a little review of a product that has been sent to me recently. This item has been gifted, this post is not #spon nor have I been asked by the brand to post my review... now that's out of the way!

You may have heard of F-ish before or seen their little pots of carrot lox floating around on Instagram. F-ish are a new brand who have created their own plant based 'smoked salmon'. Moko, the founder of F-ish was a huge seafood lover before going vegan (which, same) and reached out to me wanting me to try her plant based smoked salmon pots retailing at £6 a jar!

If you follow me on YouTube (if you don't pls do it's hella fun over there) then you would have seen that recently I tried out another plant based salmon and .... well wasn't too impressed tbh. You can watch the full review of that after ya read this.

I always bang on about the one thing I am yet to find a good enough vegan substitute for is smoked salmon...UNTIL NOW

Let us begin

Does it smell like smoked salmon?

yes, but does it make me want to throw up... no! the smell is subtle and totally not overbearing or off-putting in the slightest. It only made me more excited to try it out...not scared out of my mind like that other brand lol!

Does it look like smoked salmon?

it looks like someone took some smoked salmon, and diced it up... it's like little shreds of 'salmon' as opposed to a long 'fillet' which I actually think is genius because it makes putting onto bagels very easy! the look of the texture is just like smoked salmon I really can't see much difference to the real thing

Does it feel like smoked salmon?

it has the same slimy, cold feel that salmon does but again, not off-putting at all. it also feels fibrous and has a very realistic texture...unlike the other brand which was very rubbery and almost plastic-like!

Does it taste like smoked salmon?

plain and simple yes, yes it does. but do bear in mind that I haven't eaten the real thing in over 3 years so to at least tastes how I remember smoked salmon tasting. the only criticism I have about the taste is that it is a little sweet, if you're putting this on a bagel you really don't need a lot I actually put WAY too much on in the picture shown, less is definitely more!

also I just want to say that I cannot BELIVE this is made out of carrots. like if you gave this to someone not telling them it was made from carrot they would think it was make from soy or something. I always assumed that carrot lox would be slightly crunchy, I mean how could it now be! but it's soft and melts in your mouth just like salmon does... CRAZY!

Note: Moko sent me the original and Lemon & Dill flavours and I did notice the Lemon & Dill was a little sweeter than original but overall they were both just as tasty as each other

Is it worth the £6 price tag?

i know, i know... plant based alternatives tend to cost more than their animal derived counterparts which is annoying to say the least, and usually I would look at this £6 jar of carrot salmon and think why?! but let me tell you that one of these jars will last you ages!... as well as dipping into the jar with a fork and shoving a little in my mouth every day I have also made 3 hefty smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels with it which I was VERY surprised by and with the quality being as good as it is coupled with the fact that you really do not need a lot when using on bagels etc, well I think it's worth £6 for a treat every now and then!

*full stocklist of where to buy is on their site, or shop direct here*

So there we have it frens, overall I have been blown away by F-ish and am SO excited to see what products they come out with next. Who knows this time next year you might just see them in your local supermarket! I hope you found this review helpful and it answered some questions for you!

Thanks again to Moko & F-ish for letting me try these

I'm off for another vegan 'smoked salmon' and cream cheese bagel


see ya next time babes x